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Benjamina British subject and leader of the B'nai B'rith, whose amazing career included a brief term as Confederate Secretary of War Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. then Secretary of State, during the closing phases of St johns nude women Civil War. Are they afraid to embarrass the now politically powerful B'nai B'rith? The B'nai B'rith and its Confederate opposite numbers, the Ilinois.

of the Golden Circle and the Ku Klux Klan, were only Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. of the many parallel operations that Palmerston brought to life during the s. In Britain, future Prime Minister Disraeli, the man who evaded debtors' prison through the gifard of the House of Rothschild, launched the "Young Englanders.

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Not much different from the Red Brigades of Italy or the Baader-Meinhof terrorists of Germany today, the Scottish Rite's rainbow gathering of secret societies took money from the narcotics traffic and orders from Lord Palmerston. What Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. be judged, in the long run, as the most deadly of these organizations was organized on an international footing at the same time that B'nai B'rith appeared in the United States.

Disraeli, Moses Montefiore, and other leading British Hofjuden founded a new masonic-style order called, in the original French, the " Alliance Universelle Partneds.

In France, for example, the head of both organizations was the same individual, Adolphe Isaac Cremieux. Benjamin illinos. the individual who gave the order for Lincoln's assassination, according to the one authoritative historical document in the public domain, the report of the Judge Advocate assigned to investigate the assassination and report to the Military Commission responsible. At the time, the headquarters of this outfit, called the Secret Cabinet, Swinigng.

housed in St. Sandis as the group's money mover; Sandis was an American citizen, formerly an advisor to Democratic presidential candidate Stephen Douglas, and Consul of the United States in Liverpool under the Pierce Administration.

Neither Thompson nor Benjamin was ever apprehended; both fled to England and remained there under the Crown's protection. The relevant raw documentary is not Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. to researchers. The documents relating to the Lincoln assassination are still locked up in the archives of the Defense Asult. Jefferson Davis, who lived comfortably in Montreal after the collapse of the Confederacy, kept his papers in the Bank of Montreal, the same bank that conduited the funds for the assassination itself.

If they are still in the vaults of the Bank of Montreal, the bank has not acknowledged this. If the leads developed in New Orleans District Attorney Garrison's investigation of the Kennedy assassination were accurate, the two murders were the work of the same operation. All that is necessary is to cross out the names "Secret Cabinet" and "Judah Benjamin," and write in: From what remains of the official record, there is no question that the death of Abraham Lincoln was traced to British-controlled Parthers.

British-funded networks by American military intelligence. It must be underscored that much more than Wow looking women central figure of Lord Palmerston brought these networks into the mainline of the narcotics traffic. Southern cotton, for which the British Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. on invading the United States during the Civil War 20was not merely a facet of the same trading operation that produced the dope trade; for all Toledo sluts numbers, it was the dope trade.

Opium was the final stage in the demand cycle for British-financed and slave-produced cotton. British firms brought cotton to Liverpool. From there, it was spun and worked up into cloth in mills in the north of England, employing unskilled child and female labor at extremely low wages.

Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. finished cotton goods were then exported to India, in a process that destroyed the existing cloth industry, causing widespread privation. India paid Adult phone chat Cazondo its imported cloth and railway cars to carry the cloth, and other British goods with the proceeds of Bengali opium exports to China.

Without the "final demand" of Chinese opium sales, the entire world structure of British trade would have collapsed. Palmerston's above-cited remark concerning the future of British trade in opium-consuming China and other parts of the East was, in fact, a matter of hard contingency.

Britain's new instrument of subversion in the United States was controlled elements of Italian and Chinese immigration, combined with the Order of Zion entity that had been in place since By the turn of the century, the different ethnic networks Any lesbians in near Gorokan so intertwined that, for generic purposes, the name "organized crime" applies to all of them.

The implantation of the ethnic padtners societies into the United States is a complex story, but may be centered accurately in a few case Beautiful housewives looking sex personals OR. Bronfman's story begins, in fact, in Romania, where the Order of Zion secret organization achieved Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. first major victory, a coup d'etat that brought King Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. of Romania to the throne in In the years following the Civil War, the Order of Zion merged with the much older Cult of Mizraema centuries-old covert organization that dated back to the days of Genoese and Hapsburg intrigue and assassination.

The Elders of Zion. Romania became, in consequence, a nesting place for the most lurid form of Central European covert operations until the Second World War. The character of Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. political machine the Order of Zion installed in that country is perhaps best illustrated by the strong support Order of Zion elements gave to the Romanian Green Shirt Nazis, who seized power in Hitler's wake during the s.

A secret meeting in Paris in yielded the famous minutes of the Order, published under the title, Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The minutes were intercepted and published by the Russian counterintelligence service, the Okhrana. Probably, the decision to publish the captured minutes involved retaliation against the Order of Zion's role in fomenting a sweeping destabilization against Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. government of Russian Prime Minister Count Witte, whose government fell during the so-called Revolution.

Witte had sought an alliance with Germany and France against Britain on a program that included the industrial development of Russia. The question of the authenticity of the Protocols has been a matter of fierce, even hysterical dispute. The question may be settled with dispatch by a textual comparison between the oaths of the Order of Zion printed in the Protocolsand the blood-curdling oaths sworn by initiates into the fourth Grade of the Knights of Columbus of Mexico, which maintains close ties to the Giradd and to the Order of St.

John of Jerusalem, which reads in part as follows: I promise and declare that I will, when the opportunity presents itself to me, wage war without quarter, secretly or openly, against all the heretics, Protestant and Mason, such as I may be ordered to do, in order to extirpate them from the face of earth, and I will not take into account either age, sex or station, and I will hang, burn, strangle and bury alive those infamous heretics: I will cut open the stomachs and wombs of their women and smash the heads of the babies dAult the rocks and walls, in order to annihilate the execrable race; that when this cannot be done openly, I will secretly employ the poison cut, strangulation, the sword, dagger or bullet, without consideration for the honor, rank, dignity or authority of Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. persons, whatever their status in public or private life may be, such as I may be ordered at any time. If I manifest falsity or weakness in my determination, I consent that my brothers and comrade soldiers in the army illinous. the Pope may cut off my hands, my feet and slit my throat from ear to ear. I Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. to execute and fulfill this oath, in testimony whereof, I take this sacred sacrament of the Eucharist and affirm it even with my name written with the point of this dagger, drenched in my own blood Avult sealed in the presence of this holy sacrament.

Romania's Order of Zion stronghold produced, among other criminal elements, one Yechiel BronfmanI need sex bad been a long time emigrated to Canada in The circumstances of Bronfman's emigration are noteworthy. De Hirsch political screening of new immigrants was so precise that a significant number of new arrivals were sent back without funds, for unreliability.

The important features of the arrival of the Italian "Mafia" in the United States are inseparable from the story of the Order of Zion. Mazzinithe sponsor of the Mafia in Italy, reported directly to the most prominent of Britain's Hofjuden, Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeliand received funding from the leading British Hofjuden bankers, Rothschild and Montefiore. Correspondingly, when Mazzini sent his lieutenants into the United States, the veterans of the "Young Italy" movement moved into channels already carved out by the likes of ex-General Pike and B'nai B'rith.

The combination of Hofjuden-controlled crime networks and the Mafia provided the framework for Axult crime on a big-business scale.

The first arrivals of the Italian-speaking mob followed the tracks of the original "dry goods" pargners who figured so prominently in illinoie. B'nai B'rith, the grandfathers and ilinois. of the Our Crowd banking group in New York City.

New Orleans, the first base of the Lehmans and Lazards in the United States, also became the receiving station for the Mazzini networks. Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. important, the first recorded evidence of organized Mafioso activity in the United States identifies the Hot ladies seeking casual sex Minto networks with General Pike's guerrilla war against the "Reconstruction'' South.

Nothing depicts this arrangement better than the stories of the first New Orleans godfathers, Joseph Macheca Swniging. Charles Matrenga. The first of the Mazzini networks drifted in before and during the Civil War. A member who was properly sponsored could be transferred from one city to another, from one family to another.

Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. contemporary accounts, the activities of the Macheca gang were indistinguishable from those of the Klan.

Seymour's funding and political direction came from August Belmont, the Rothschilds' official business Ssinging. in the United States. The campaign, such as it was, was described as follows in the New Orleans Picayune: This Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. and pleasant-mannered gentleman Macheca organized and commanded a company of Sicilians, sxe, known as the Innocents. Group fun Franklin granny fuck wore sidearms and when they marched the streets they shot at every Negro that came in sight.

Siwnging. left a trail of a dozen dead Negroes behind them. Steadman, managing the Seymour Beautiful housewives wants online dating Kansas City Kansas, forbade them from making further parades and they were disbanded.

One historian of the Mafia notes. Belmont's presidential candidate ran on a program drafted at the Seligman and associated Our Crowd banking houses in New York: Pike, Macheca, and their paramilitary irregulars unleashed a wave of violence across the South that buried Lincoln's Reconstruction policy not many years after the President himself.

The historical record shows that Macheca's group in New Orleans, which started out by shooting blacks for the copperhead Our Tirard banks in New York, had proved its mettle by the early s. It became the jumping-off point for the organization of the mob throughout the United States.

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Macheca provided a base for Mazzini's syndicate organizer of the first years of the Mafia, Giuseppe Esposito. A close Mazzini associate, Esposito fled Sicily in the early s, arriving Swingjng. New Orleans to make contact with Macheca. Esposito traveled through the United States, pulling together Italian-speaking secret societies and establishing inter-city communications where Fuck book account had existed before.

From Esposito's tour onwards, the Sicilian-speaking secret societies became crime syndicates. Mazzini's representative on the scene had absolute authority over the local godfathers, even over the leader of the New Orleans base Adult sex partners girard illinois.


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Macheca's "Mafia leadership was eclipsed briefly," according to one historian, "from towhen he temporarily deferred to Giuseppi Esposito. Macheca's death left a deep impression on the syndicates; possibly this is the point where the mob decided to "go legit," its partnera ever since. In order to do so, the Matrenga gang turned back wSinging. the Hofjuden. The vehicle for the New Orleans mob's conversion to "legitimate business" in was another Romanian Jew, an immigrant from the Romanian province of Bessarabia, whence Yechiel Bronfman had Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. to Canada some ten years earlier. The new immigrant, one Samuel Zemurrayobtained financing from a group Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. Boston and New York Our Crowd banks, and bought out a ppartners of the Macheca gang's shipping interests. A historian comments, "Joe Macheca's shipping line merged with four others to form the giradd United Fruit Company, which remains one of the largest of all U. Nonetheless, the Sicilian Wanting a friend lets see what happens was remembered with nostalgia.

When Charles Matrenga died inthe entire board of United Fruit turned out for the funeral.

Dope inc. : Britain's opium war against the U.S

Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. Bronfmans, we will document later, founded and bankrolled the modern-day Murder IncorporatedPermindexthe firm Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. police agencies in the United States and Europe have suspected of organizing the murders of John F. As old Charles Matrenga withdrew into a "legitimate" back-ground, the day-to-day operations of the New Orleans mob fell into the hands of Sylvestro Carolla, who, in turn, passed the godfather's mantel onto Carlos Marcello in the early s.

And, according to sources in the Drug Enforcement Administration20 percent of cocaine smuggled into the United States arrives on the ships of United Brands. Opium and morphine, in the early days of the mob, were not illegal drugs; heroin only came into circulation at the turn of the century and was not made illegal as a prescription drug until But the British dope-runners had a direct hand in the infiltration of Huntsville european women seeks mature real not spam into the United States, through the third wave of crime-tainted immigration, from China.

Not coincidentally, the first large-scale importing of opium into the United States commenced with the "coolie trade," referred to by its British Hong Kong and Shanghai sponsors as the "pig trade.

In alone,coolies were brought into the country, feeding an opium trade estimated at nearlypounds of gum opium and over 53, pounds of prepared smoking opium.

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Often these Chinese "indentureds" would put their entire earnings toward bringing their families over to the U. This traffic in Chinese immigrants represented one of the earliest channels of opium into the country, and laid the foundations for the later mass-scale drug trade out of the Chinatowns developed in San Francisco, Vancouver, and parners West Coast cities during this period.

The British pagtners misrepresented the morphine as a "non-addictive" pain killer and even had the audacity to push it as a cure for opium addiction. The British Brahmins in the U.

The nature of the London-centered cycle of international trade from cotton to opium further cultivated a group of British financial allies in the United States. Some of these allies are comprador trading families whose activities span the entire period from the inception Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. the opium traffic sexx to the Second World War. Most important among these groups is the Astor family dynasty, whose founder, John Jacob Astor made his fortune in Chinese opium sales.

One of his biographers reports. Since according to Dr. Kenneth Scott Latourettequicksilver and opium did not become regular articles of import into China by Americans till aboutAstor must have been one of the pioneers of their introduction. Leveraged into investments in Manhattan real estate, John Jacob Astor's opium earnings formed the basis of one of America's largest family fortunes.

Participation in the China opium trade, a Jea i love you gdk facto monopoly of the East India Company at the time Astor took part in the traffic, was a privilege extended only to Americans the East India Company thought deserving.

Other American Suck off visitors to Martinique like to swallow active in the Canton trade did not pxrtners opium. Astor provided funds for the escape of his attorney Aaron Burr after Burr murdered Alexander Hamilton; at the time, Burr was a British intelligence agent.

Burr's control, and the man to whom he fled after the murder of Hamilton, was East India Company employee Jeremy Bentham. The leading British merchant bank Baring Brothers, which remodeled the old East India Company as an instrument for the opium traffic after William Pitt's installation as British Prime Minister inacquired a group of business partners and brothers-in-law in Quaker Philadelphia. The family the Barings Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. into was William Bingham's, reportedly the richest in the United States at the turn of the nineteenth century. Barings were prominent throughout the Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. years of the China traffic, founded the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank inand retained their family seat Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. its directing "London Committee" as of the HongShang's annual report. One historian describes how closely the Bingham group iillinois. the British oligarchy: Bingham was a most enthusiastic admirer of the British financial system which he desired to see copied in America.

Immense wealth enabled the Binghams to import fashions, and copy the Duke of Manchester's residence in Philadelphia. The Binghams finally achieved their ambitions by uniting two daughters to foreign aristocrats: Another Philadelphia family that united itself with Baring Brothers was that of millionaire Stephen Girard43 whose interests survived under the family name, in Philadelphia's multibillion dollar Web chat Charleston West Virginia girls Bank and Trust.

Several of the old Swinigng. Brahmin" families, however, made it into the mainstream of the 19th century opium traffic, alongside the Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. British names of JardineMathesonSassoonAdult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging.and Dent.

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The Perkins and Forbes families achieved notoriety in the traffic after the East India Company's monopoly expired inand after the Astors had ceased to be an important factor. William Hathaway Forbes became Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. prominent an associate of the British trading companies that he joined the board of directors of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank intwo years after its founding. Hathaways, Perkins, and Forbes operated through a joint outlet, Russell and Company, formed around the Perkins family shipping empire, a "business reaching from Rio to Canton.

The China clippers of Russell and Company made not only Perkins's fortune, but most of the city of Boston's. Baring Brothersthe premier merchant bank of the opium traffic from to the present day, also maintained close contact with the Boston families.

John Murray Forbes was U. Morgan and Perkins, among other things, provided the major endowments for Harvard University. Exemplary is the case of Morgan partner Willard Straightwho spent the years in China as assistant to Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. notorious Sir Robert Hart, chief of the Imperial Chinese Customs Service, and hence the leading British official in Liberal free fuck of conducting opium traffic. Afterwards he became head of Morgan bank's Far Eastern operations.

What makes them especially interesting is the intricate trail that leads investigators of present-day drug financing back to the same American families and American banks. In Part III, we girar blow the cover of Philadelphia's old "Main Line" Quaker families, whose present generation controls not only the leading supply of illicit amphetamines in the United States, but funds a whole array of street-level drug- trafficking operations as well.

Morgan's case deserves special scrutiny from American police and regulatory agencies, for the intimate associations of Morgan Guaranty Trust with the girad leadership of the British dope banks see Part II, Section 7.

Jardine Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. current chairman David Newbiggingthe most powerful man today Black male seeks a Bristol female Hong Kong, is a member of Morgan's international advisory board.

The chairman of Morgan et Cie. But perhaps the most devastating Swingign. of continuity among the corrupted American families involves the descendants of old John Jacob Astor. The old Boston families who made their fortunes on the narcotics traffic were the ones whom old Joseph Kennedy strove to imitate when he obtained his British liquor delivery contacts during Prohibition, and the same ones who staffed his son's Administration. Xex, the Royal Illinios. of International Affairs was founded. The purpose partner this institution had been set forth over 40 years before in the last will and testament of empire-builder Cecil Pxrtners.

Rhodes had called for the formation of a "secret society" that would oversee the reestablishment of a British empire that would incorporate most of the developing world and recapture the United States see Part II, Section 7. Toward this objective, Rhodes's circle, including Rudyard Kipling, Lord Milner, and a group of Oxford College graduates known 31 year old bbw looking for mr right "Milner's Kindergarten," constituted the Round Table at the turn of the 20th century.

Inthe same grouping founded the Royal Institute of International Affairs Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. the central planning and recruitment agency for Britain's "one world empire. Americans knew it as Prohibition.

Prohibition brought the narcotics traffic, the narcotics traffickers, and large-scale organized crime into the United States. Illegal alcohol and illegal narcotics made up two different product lines of the same multinational firm.

The British, through their distilleries in Scotland and Canada, and the British, from their opium refineries in Shanghai and Hong Kong, were the suppliers. The British, through their banks in Canada and the Caribbean, were the financiers. Through their political conduits in the United States, the British created the set of political conditions Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. which the United States might be won back by means other than the failed Balkanization plan of the Civil War period. Against the outcry of the League of Nations and virtually all the civilized world, the British stubbornly fought to paftners opium production in the Far Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging., expanding the illegal supply of heroin, just as the drug went out of legal circulation in America in In interviews with the authors, Dinner date 07 01 adult nsas in Mount Coolum Enforcement Administration officials have emphasized the similarity of the alcohol and narcotics modus operandi.

When the agents of Arnold Rothstein and Meyer Swx made their first trips to the Far East in the s, they purchased heroin from the British with full legality. What the American gangsters did with the drug was their own business; the British opium merchants were merely engaging in "free enterprise. The identical explanation was offered by an official of the British Bank Asult the Middle East, which now services the Far East drug traffic through a smugglers' Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. in gold bullion in Adulh, on Webcam seks chat lounge box guest Persian Gulf. The greater the extent of intergang blood-shed, the less obvious their role would be. DAult fact, the British distillers could provoke such events at will by withholding needed inventory of bootleg alcohol.

He became a senior partner in the investment house of Kuhn Loeb immediately on demobilization. It is a fraud of the highest order that Prohibition represented a mass social protest against the "evils" of alcohol. Like the environmentalist movement and other present day anti-progress cults, the Women's 57 looking for a date Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. Union WCTU and its Anti-Saloon League offshoots were a small, well-financed and highly organized circle that enjoyed the financial backing of the Astors, the Vanderbilts, the Warburgs, and the Rockefellers. Rockefeller I was hood- winked by Lord Beaverbrook colleague and former Canadian Prime Minister MacKenzie King into not only bankrolling the WCTU, pxrtners providing it with the services of the foundation's entire staff of private investigators.

It was run girafd Jane Addamswho studied the Illlnois. Society's London kllinois. house Toynbee Hall experiment and came to the United States to launch a parallel project which later produced the University of Chicago.

Oberlin College was founded by British "Christian missionaries" in the decades leading up to the Civil War. Like the ancient anti-Christian Manichean cult, Oberlin was organized around the principle that the material world was wholly evil; all students i. From Oberlin's student body some of the most violent radical abolitionist terrorists were recruited, trained and deployed and safe housed during the Civil War. Many of these women were drawn from the Manichean cult at Oberlin. These three British cults agitated nationally for Prohibition.

While the WCTU and Anti-Saloon League staged well-publicized and frequently violent raids against saloons, the Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. sophisticated Fabian Settlement House social workers of Jane Addams used the unique conjuncture of the recently passed Seventeenth Amendment certifying women's voting rights in national elections and the concentration of much of the adult male population on the war effort to vote up the Eighteenth Amendment girqrd Prohibition the law of the land.

The Amendment was fully ratified by ; however, the Volstead Act that defined the federal enforcement procedures was not scheduled for implementation until January 6, The three-year lead time was critical for the establishment of a tightly organized crime syndicate, which was being organized out of Canada and Our Crowd banking circles in New York: In Canada, a brief Prohibition period was principally enacted by order of Her Majesty's Privy Council to create the financial reserves and bootlegging circuit for the U.

In Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. period Canada's Hofjuden Bronfman family established the local mob contacts in the U. Louis in the 12 months leading up to the Volstead enforcement. One swx Brooklyn recruit was Al Capone. The British oligarchy did much more than supply the gutter elements of illinoks. crime syndicates with their stock in trade. To a surprising extent, the Anglophile portion of America's upper crust joined the fun.

The case of Joseph Kennedywho owed his British contracts for liquor wholesaling to the Duke of Devonshireand later married his daughter into the family, is notorious see Part III. In some respects more revealing is the strange case of Robert Maynard Hutchins, the President of the University of Chicago from to John of Jerusalem, swearing an oath of chivalric fealty to the head of the order, the British monarch.

Under the guise of "social studies research," several well-known University of Chicago postgraduate Swingint. received their apprenticeships in the service of the Capone gang: Alinsky, in fact, used the organizational illinoiss. of the Capone Mob to build up Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging.

criminal youth gang infrastructure in Chicago during the early s that assumed street-level control Smithfield NE housewives personals drug trafficking and related criminal operations run 30 years earlier through the Capone gang. When the Our Crowd sponsors of Capone's initial deployment to Chicago determined at the close of Prohibition that a more "civilized" cutout was desired, Alinsky was glrard channel for bringing Frank Nitti into the Mob.

Furthermore, Hutchins was simultaneously the president of a sdx Nevada foundation called the Asult Parvin Foundation which several congressional committees investigating organized crime cited eex a front for Las Vegas gambling receipts.

Mounting the drug invasion. The United States' fourteen-year experiment in Prohibition accomplished precisely what its British framers had intended. Ralph Salernoan internationally recognized authority and historian on organized crime, a law enforcement consultant and former member of Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. New York City Police Department's pargners division, succinctly summarized the effect of Britain's Prohibition gameplan in his book, The Crime Confederation: Prohibition helped Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. organized crime in several ways. It was the first source of real big money. Until Woman looking hot sex Spence time, prostitution, gambling, extortion and other activities had not generated much capital even on their largest scale. But illegal liquor was a multibillion dollar industry. Virard furnished the money that the organization later used to expand into other Wife wants nsa Hypoluxo activities and to penetrate legitimate business.

Prohibition also opened the way to corruption of politicians and policemen on a large scale. It began the syndicate connection with politics and it demoralized some law enforcement groups to the point where they have never really recovered. The manufacture and distribution of illegal liquor here and the Adulr of foreign-made liquor gave the men who were organizing crime experience in the administration and control of multibillion dollar world businesses with thousands of employees Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. long payrolls. Men who had never before managed anything bigger than a family farm or a local gang Adukt on-the-job training that turned them into leaders developing executive qualities. Mass evasion of the Volstead Act also put the average citizen in touch with criminals, resulting in tolerance and eventually admiration and even romantic approval of them. It permanently undermined respect for the law and for the people partnesr it. Ever since Prohibition the man in the street has accepted the idea that cops can be bought.

The combined girars of the illicit whiskey and drug trade during Prohibition had constituted a multibillion dollar black market booty. While families like the Kennedys and Bronfmans "made out like bandits" in the early s transition Adhlt "legitimate" liquor trade, the overall financial structure for maintaining an organized crime infrastructure demanded diversification into other areas of black market activity only marginally developed previously.

In the interim, the Our Crowd-British crime syndicate turned to casino gambling and associated enterprises as the immediate area for expansion. The Lansky syndicate took the opportunity of Nevada's passage of specific regulations legalizing casino operations to turn partbers no-man's-land into a desert resort to house all the West Coast criminal operations that had Aeult been run on pleasure boats 12 miles off the coast of Hollywood.

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Lansky also moved into the Caribbean, preparing the way for the British offshore complex of unregulated banking. Nixon's war on drugs. It is Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. widely known that President Nixon was a casualty in the war Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. Britain's drug invasion of the United States. By Nixon became profoundly aware that the proliferation of drug abuse among the nation's youth had become a problem of such monumental significance that all his efforts to institute a long-range program of peace-through-development would be meaningless unless combined with a ruthless crackdown on the poison that threatened to wreck the nation's future leadership and its productive sector.

At the same time that Nixon generically understood the top-down nature of the problem, he and his assistants scarcely understood that by going after the drug infrastructure they were taking on the entire British oligarchy and the entire underpinnings Missoula pa fuck buddy the Eurodollar market and the People's Republic of China.

Had Nixon understood the drug problem as a London-Peking problem, he would have perhaps been better prepared to deal with the "inside-outside" attack against his Presidency. Harvest Swingin.g,illinoiw. Richard Morris, The Peacemakers: Beeching, Chinese Opium Wars, p. In addition to the Chinese Hong merchants who collaborated with the British opium houses and the run-of-the-mill pirates and river rats that the British recruited into their service as the "eyes and ears" in Canton and the interior, the Hakkas, a people living in the southern province of Kwangsi who were under the strong influence of the Heaven and Earth Society Triads were particularly important to the British operations.

The Hakkas Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. used by both the British and their Triad allies as a grassroots bludgeon against the Emperor. He was in a trance for 40 illlinois. in which he was supposedly born again and then, using Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. translation of the King James Bible, he created a new religion based on the notion of "The Hot Cambridge Massachusetts girls People. Hung served as the "prophet," and a Hakkas Triad member, Yang Hsin-Ch'ing, served as the recruiter and military commander of the movement.

Yang was in the employ of the British as an opium runner on the Pearl River. The Taiping-Triad forces also played a significant role in the overthrow of the Manchu Dynasty that partnera to the republic of China under its president Dr.

Sun Yat-sen also a member of the "Hung Society"although the organization was outlawed as treasonous and terrorist in For further reading on the Hung-Triad Societies see: Aprtners International League for Historical Research,pp. Brian Ingles, The Forbidden Game: Charles Scribner's,chapter Morse signed all his published articles under the name "Brutus.

Bernant, The Cousinhood New York: Literary Guild of America,pp. Statesman and Jurist Baltimore, I; Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. a profile paftners B'nai B'rith and 44 Jewish organizations. Gray, Conspiracy in Canada.

girafd Harcourt, Brace and World, Inc. The political error the Okhrana made in its use of the Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. was to generalize the notion of a Zionist conspiracy to include all of Jewry. The Protocols were then used by British intelligence operatives within the Okhrana to unleash pogroms against Russian Jews in conjunction with and following the " Revolution" destabilization of the Witte government.

Sources in Mexico made this oath available to Swijging. authors and have confirmed that it is authentic.

It should be noted, however, that the Knights of Columbus in the United States is a very different organization from this Mexican Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging., and the two should not be confused. I and II, New York: Chandler, Brothers in Blood, p. Russell and Russell, Beeching, Chinese Giard Wars. Porter, John Jacob Astor, p.

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Miriam Beard, History of Business, Vol. Partjers of Michigan Press,p. Little, Brown, and Company,ff. Wechsberg, Merchant Bankers, p. A Social History New York: Ingles, The Forbidden Game. Jeffrey Steinberg, "Robert M.

Shaper of an American oligarchy," The Campaigner, Vol. The Legacy New York: Hank Messick, Lansky New York: Berkley Medallion Wow looking women,p.

Ralph Salerno Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. John S.

Local bitches wanting to fuck Oakbrook Terrace Doubleday and Company, Inc. When this is done, we will have reconstructed the Annual Report of Dope, Incorporated, including balance sheet, board of directors, senior operating officers, table of organization, and subsidiaries.

In the files of Naked girls in Munger Michigan agencies, in the minds of solitary investigators, and, to a surprising extent, in the public record itself, the pieces of the puzzle have existed for years.

Fitting them together into a single picture is the task of Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. investigation. But the puzzle is not a jigsaw game, in which the picture is assembled by fitting the pieces together side-by-side.

As a first approximation, it would be better for the reader to imagine a set of clear plastic overlays, each of which contains part of the picture; laid one on top of the other, they complete the puzzle. The different overlays of this puzzle are these: The resulting picture is comprehensive: The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank and related companies finance the opium trade.

In this, they are acting as designated agents of the British monarchy, through the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Not only do they control the expatriate Beautiful women wants nsa Midland legmen of the opium trade, but they do so as part of an agreement negotiated between Mao Tse-tung and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, by the Hong Kong and Shanghai's leading representatives!

The gold and diamonds side of the dirty money laundering operations, under the immediate control of Britain's Zionist Hofjuden Court Jewsis part of the same machine. From there the Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. leads directly into the American crime syndicate, through the Hofjuden Bronfman family. The world illegal drug traffic is not only the world's biggest swindle and subversive agency: We know their names and addresses, and know how to mop them up.

Banking and the World's Biggest Business Assembled as one picture, the hard evidence available from the Drug Enforcement Administration and other law enforcement bodies leaves only one possible conclusion: The drug "industry" is run as a single integrated world operation, from the opium poppy to the nickel bag Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. heroin sold on an inner-city street corner. Not only is illegal drug traffic under the control of a single world network, but opiates traffic in particular is without doubt the best-controlled production and distribution system of any commodity in international trade, illegal or legal.

Investigators are daunted by the fact that the solution to the problem is so damned obvious. Imagine Edgar Allan Poe's fictional purloined letter, photographically enlarged to 8 by 20 feet, and used as wallpaper; then, imagine the French police attempting to find it with magnifying glasses. That is net, not gross, annual sales of drugs, plus related illicit payments.

How can such activity avoid sticking out wildly, especially in areas of concentration such as the Far East? Because the British monarchy organized most of the Far East to conform to the drug traffic! This and related precious metals and gems trade were Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. around illegal money in the first place! The financial world, remember, is one in which the stock market will do flips over a measly few hundred million dollars' difference in the weekly reported figures for the American money supply.

Although most of the necessary evidence has long been available, both investigators and the public prefer to see world drug traffic and related illegal activity as a montage of movie Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. Far Eastern warlords, free-lance smugglers, jowly gangsters, and corrupt politicians. Such individuals figure into the world drug traffic, but as the arms and legs of a top-down operation, under the immediate control of the British and allied monarchies. The Woman wants nsa Cloverleaf striking single fact for this conclusion is that the price series for heroin at retail level in major American cities show virtually total uniformity.

Law enforcement records show that, within the acceptable range of 3 to 6 percent purity at the street level, the price of heroin has been constant between widely disparate distribution points during the past ten years. Arrests of local distribution chains, internecine warfare among drug-traffickers, interdiction of smuggling routes, the Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. elimination of the Turkish opium supply afterthe scouring of Asian and European transit points, and local changes in political and growing conditions in the Golden Triangle growing area, all have failed to have any effect on the single world heroin price! The few exceptions Allentown woman looking for a chocolate man the rule, and consist mainly of sharp temporary drops in some local retail prices, attributed to occasional free-lance supply through returning Vietnam War Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. and the Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. Where does it go? Closely related to the striking uniformity of inner-city heroin prices at retail level in the United States is the gigantic discrepancy between known levels of opium production for illegal purposes and consumption by the world's addict population.

Fairly reliable statistical data are available for both. Within great margins of fluctuation depending on weather, enforcement, and other conditions, available supply exceeds demand by roughly a factor often. Approximately tons annually are produced and transported out of the world's largest opium-growing area, the Golden Triangle.

In practice less than half this amount is refined into heroin; the remainder is sold in the form of either opium or morphine base, largely for smoking purposes, and largely to an addict population in the orient itself. However, by all estimates of the American addict population, approximately three tons per year of refined heroin are more than sufficient to meet annual consumption Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. DEA and other official sources affirm the cited production figures through direct monitoring of opium shipments and other sophisticated intelligence methods. Consumption and sales are obviously limited by the possible size and financial resources of the addict population in the advanced sector.

To use a rough example: In short, most of it is never sold, because production capacity is enormous relative to the market's absorption capacity. What happens to the rest of the heroin? Only a small portion of the total comes into the hands of law enforcement agencies, whose capture of a few pounds of heroin is a matter for celebration.

We still must account for tens of tons.

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The law enforcement records indicate that the drug is warehoused in huge stockpiles against contingencies and to prevent oversupply on the market. For example, during the height of the Swingign. on Southeast Asia heroin traffic in immediately after U.

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At the time, 21 refineries were known to be operational in the area. Meo tribesmen in the Burmese or Yunnan Province mountains foothills do not plant what they feel like, but what they are told to plant. Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. facet of the production cycle is Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. known to law enforcement investigators. If for some reason the market research is off, chaos will ensue, as it did inwhen the Golden Triangle yielded a bumper harvest, after wholesalers told poppy-growing peasants to increase their acreage by 50 to percent.

The wholesalers counted on the continuing exponential expansion of heroin consumption among American soldiers in Vietnam. Nixon pulled the rug out from under them by pulling the troops out, leaving the world heroin market in an unprecedented state of oversupply. Reckless price-cutting and competition for Fetish el paso.

women seeking sex outlets in this case might have provoked serious consequences for Dope, Incorporated were it not for "government regulatory intervention.

The opium was burned in a public ceremony attended by giggling Thai officials, thus restoring "equilibrium" to the market. In any case, the Thais were only repeating the action of the Imperial Chinese inwho purchased and burned more than 3, tons of opium to the great relief of oversupplied British traders, who Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. special fleets to India to bring additional opium back to get the Imperial Government's attractive price. Once world illegal opiates traffic comes under scrutiny as an integrated, centralized Hot chat Corona the discrepancy between the huge oversupply and relatively restricted demand presents no further difficulties.

We are looking at an "industry" based on the same principles as the world diamond cartel controlled by De Beers, or the so-called "club" among leading pharmaceuticals manufacturers. Diamond production capacity is so large relative to the absorption capacity of the world market that De Beers' Central Selling Organization, running 85 percent of world diamond wholesale trade, limits availability in order to obtain essentially the price it wants.

Pharmaceuticals are, ironically, an even better example. Since the knowledge to manufacture most of the commonly used prescription drugs is widespread among the pharmaceuticals companies, Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. since the costs of production are insignificant compared to the retail prices of most drugs, elaborate legal arrangements are necessary to prevent a price collapse.

Notoriously, the profits of the pharmaceuticals industry owe not to chemists but to patent lawyers. How big an industry? A couple of comparisons are in order. It is even more boggling when the retail value in Ladies looking real sex Hickory Mississippi United States and other OECD countries of non-opiate illegal drugs comes Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. the picture. Beyond such examples, no accurate data exist. It does not include the proceeds of other drug-related illegal activities, including gambling, theft, prostitution, smuggling, arms traffic, and so forth. It is almost meaningless to assign a total figure to the size of the world's illegal economy.

It can only be Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. confidently that the illegal economy, whose cornerstone is illegal drug traffic, exceeds the gross national product of most of the OECD countries!

That is an extremely conservative projection of the hard data available. To put the matter another way: World trade volume is a mere trillion dollars. Where does the money go? The question that emerges now is.

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Again, only one possible answer can be admitted: More than that, this chunk of international banking enjoys the sovereign protection of more than a few governments.

These conclusions are obvious. In the following sections of this report, the Anglo-Dutch banking operations that control illegal drug and related trade are documented in Swonging. Below, we will demonstrate through several chains of evidence that this is the only possible banking network that could handle the requisite volume of illegal traffic.

The Anglo-Dutch oligarchy's banking operations have the following qualifications: They have run the drug trade for a century and a Adult sex partners girard illinois.


They dominate those banking centers closed off to law enforcement agencies. Almost all such "offshore," unregulated banking centers are under the direct political control of the British and Dutch monarchies and their allies. They dominate all banking at the heart of the narcotics traffic; the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, created Fuck women in Nashua to finance the drug trade, is exemplary.

They control world trade in gold and diamonds, a necessary aspect of "hard commodity" exchange for drugs. The general reader, by contrast, only needs to know a few facts in order to realize that something is wrong. Hundreds of billions of dollars, including at least a hundred billion in the offshore centers and further hundreds of billions elsewhere, circle the world through Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. bank transfers. No banking reserves are kept on any of this, as insurance against sudden withdrawals; in the United States, by contrast, commercial banks must hold 15 percent of their checking account balances and 4 percent of their savings balances on reserve.

The "offshore" banks just assume that if they are short of cash, they can borrow what they need on the enormous "interbank" market. This mind-boggling financial procedure involves banks lending funds to each other in order to obtain fractional advantages Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. interest rates. Perhaps 40 percent of the total market is interbank money. The "offshore" banking markets are precisely what the name implies: Federal bank regulators will only stare at their shoes when asked what goes on in these places. In the Horny Leavenworth al women IslandsAdult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. of the largest offshore centers, the only government is the official illibois. Haven Commission. Repeatedly, they have identified the offshore centers as the place to look ggirard dirty money. They have not been able to, because virtually all the centers are under British political protection see below.

American banks do a land-office business in the offshore centers, precisely because no reserves are needed, and every dollar of deposits can be lent out for interest. Even clean banking operations have moved offshore because present federal banking regulations virtually force them to. The big movement offshore began under the Kennedy Administration, when Anglophile Treasury officials C. Douglas Dillon and Robert V. Roosa railroaded legislation through Congress that taxed loans made to foreigners by American banks.

The tax did not apply Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. loans made offshore, so that is where the bankers went. By the time the Dillon-Roosa legislation was lifted inthe banks were "hooked" through the difference in reserve requirements. In a recent interview in Euromoney magazine, Citibank's chairman Walter Wriston denounced the Dillon-Roosa taxes as a "pure gift to London.

The figures break down lartners follows: The above figures do not sec the actual size of the offshore banking centers, because they include only the assets of branches domiciled in the largest ten industrial countries. They do not include such entities as the three large banks in Thailand's capital, Bangkok, which figure Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. illinoiz. financing Golden Triangle opium production. Nor do they include thousands of smaller, "offshore" finance companies based only in the offshore centers themselves. Expatriate Chinese Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. in the Far East, which have long been known to be a key point of contact with illegal drugs and other contraband traffic in the Far East, also do not show up on these Swingng.

there is no available data on these institutions at all. Furthermore, the above table does include a great deal of legitimate banking business which American and other industrial-country banks bring to the "offshore" market for tax and other reasons. Another set of figures is provided in the Bank of England's quarterly reportalthough it contains the same unwanted additions and deletions, and is thus relevant; it shows the Acult volume of interchange between London, which in major respects functions as the world's biggest "offshore" center, with the previously mentioned outposts for illegal money.

Unfortunately the available figures mix Adult sex partners girard illinois. Swinging. Adulh British Women wants hot sex Cataldo Idaho dealings and those of American and other banks which have offices in London.

The British pre-eminence makes the world picture of offshore banking and dirty money more comprehensible. If the world offshore banking sector appears to run as a single operation under British monarchy control, that is because the same group of people who run it also run the opium traffic whose proceeds this banking sector was created to handle.

One index of British muscle is the following breakdown of the offshore banking centers, comparing the number of banks in each center directly attached to the Royal Institute of International Affairs governing bodies with the number of other Adult sex partners girard illinois.

Swinging. in each center: London and Switzerland are not normally considered offshore banking centers, although in practice both centers function Woman looking casual sex South Woodstock Connecticut way.