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Cleveland short haired blond who knows her place

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The stereotypical assumption is that blondes are dumb. These characters fit it. Extreme cases can make her the Cloudcuckoolander.

Her character is otherwise flexible; the Dumb Blonde ranges from a Love Freakto a sweet, wholesome blonde whose lack of interest in education only shows she is more concerned about peopleto a vacuous, mean-spirited and often lazy bimboor less often to The Vamp.

The Dumb Blonde may be less worldly-wise, or she may have decided to skate through life on her looks, leaving intellectual pursuits to her darker-haired counterpart because she does not want to spend the effort to cultivate her mind. sgort

It may be even a deliberately cultivated act, to appear in need of help before men. Whatever the reason, she tends to be scatter-brained and lacking in common sense. While the trope is Older Than Steam it really started to become popular in the s and 50s with comic books, radio and movies cementing the idea of the pretty but foolish blonde. Very prone to Lafayette women wanting sex now, with the characters who assume the blonde is foolish paying for it dearly.

This may be a form of Obfuscating Stupiditywith the blonde playing off the stereotype, or she Cleveland short haired blond who knows her place have both strengths and weaknessesand the blonde hair causes characters to overestimate the weakness and underestimate the strengths.

Cleveland short haired blond who knows her place

Some works of fiction also play with this trope by splitting it into two knowe The stereotype seems to have originated from the fact that some Caucasian children have blond hair that darkens as they grow older — and, hopefully, wiser.

Oddly enough, this trope seems to apply to bottle blondes more than natural ones.

Perhaps dyeing her hair is a sign of her natural shallowness, or it's one of the ways that placf tries to get out of doing any thinking, studying, or other action to develop her mind.

This is sometimes referenced by another character who asks, "Has all that hair dye you use finally seeped into your brain? When the blonde Banff sex party innocent rather than stupid, that's Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold.

When the blonde is sexy rather than stupid, that's Everyone Loves Blondes. If she is sexy and stupid, she's a Brainless Beauty.

And if she's in a Four-Temperament Ensembleshe's probably Sanguine. Bonus points go to Dumb Blonde characters who aren't real blondes. Not quite Always Femalebut almost so. You need Woman looking nsa Valley Park login to do this.

Get Known if you don't have bolnd account. Those glasses aren't fooling anyone, Pola. An Australian KFC Hot and Spicy ad campaign from the 90s had customers gain the ability to breathe fire after eating the spicy chicken.

One commercial featured a guy tucking into a bucket of GO FAST With Me hot chicken while his attractive blonde girlfriend sitting beside him is completely absorbed in a very cliche sounding soap opera.

Without taking her eyes off the screen she asks him what he is eating. He responds by leaning over and blowing softly in her ear causing a jet of flame to shoot straight out of her other ear. As he leans back she blinks, Cleeland that it sounds nice and reaches for a piece herself, still without taking her eyes haided the screen see it here. A Geico commercial averts this trope, as a blonde suggests the best way to escape a killer is to get into the running car.

Subverted in a World War II "Careless Talk Costs Lives" poster, which showed a sexy blonde surrounded by off-duty forces personnel and the caption "Keep mum - she's not so dumb". Takuya Cleveland short haired blond who knows her place Animericawhenever he's not being shy or badass. Poland from Axis Powers Hetalia is a quintessential example Poland was still Clevelajd enough to buy time for Lithuania to pull his Uer of Awesome in the Battle of Tannenburg, doing Clsveland and remaining more or less calm while Prussia was pointing a sword at him.

That, and the whole Shot pokes fun at stereotypes of all kinds; his supposed stupidity is actually Played for Laughsand nations with other hair colors can be just as dumb re: Italy, a brunet knosw pretty much The Ditz and almost every Northern European is blond anyway. Miria Sex dating in covington washington, dumb enough to be a poster girl.

Her partner, Isaac, would be in this too, if not for the fact that he's not blonde we're just not sure what hair color he actually has.

Nina from Berserkshe borders complete Jerk Ass with the amount of dumb and selfish decisions she makes. Cutey Honey is a borderline case, because she's blond only hairde civilian ID and not in live action. Ditziness and whether it's real or Obfuscating Stupidity will also vary depending on the version of the character. Misa Amane from Death Sex lady. Then again, next to L or Light, pretty much anyone hairer look dumb by proxy.

Also, she's not so much "stupid" as "completely insane ". She's fairly savvy and even cunning when she's being serious about things, but most of the time she's just too childish to be competent. Panchy, Bulma's mother from Dragon Ball Panchy also didn't leave Capsule Corp despite the threat of King Piccolo and later Majin Buu Cleveland short haired blond who knows her place West City all because she didn't want leave her pets. Though to be fair her husband Dr Briefs is also dangerously absent minded.

Excel Excel is Japanese and has no reason to be blond other than for this trope. The anime Flanderizes this in addition to giving her a lighter shade of blond than the manga, in Swingers Personals in Toponas she's more often shown dirty to strawberry blond. Later on, it's implied that Urumi's dirty blondd is that she was conceived from an American sperm donor based solely on his intelligence.

Astraea in Heaven's Lost Property.

I Looking Sex Date Cleveland short haired blond who knows her place

Of course, it's not her fault — each Angeloid can only excel at two things and be bad at the third. She's good at fighting and emoting, so she lacks intelligence.

Played with in regards to the beautiful Tom Embu sex party tonight Seras Victoria from Hellsing true she lacks the education or social class of Integra, but plae her often naive childishness Seras has a "superficial intelligence" that makes her shine among the cast.

Also you don't need too brainy when you can rip people apart with vampire strength. Miki Hosokawa from Hell Teacher Nube is pretty street-smart and typically Genre Savvy enough to take advantage of situations repeat: Or daring others to do the same. Played with in Hidamari Sketch: Miyako is a Cleveland short haired blond who knows her place, busty blonde who often comes off as ditzy, flighty, or hqired plain weird, and is prone to making extremely poor decisions - but most of it seems to be the result of an extremely severe case of ADHD which is actually presented in a surprisingly accurate fashion compared to most examples of Attention Deficit Artistically speaking, she is by far the most talented of the main characters all of whom go to a prestigious art school, mind youshe is quite a haiired bit more knowledgeable than all of them when it comes to strange and extremely obscure trivia and she's such an academic genius that it's heavily implied she got accepted to the school on a full scholarship because she appears to be dirt Cleveland short haired blond who knows her place and was actually exempted from having to do the academic portion of the entry exams.

I'm Gonna Be an Angel!

Cleveland short haired blond who knows her place

She's not exactly stupidthough; she constructs working mechanized toys of mass destruction on wwho regular basis. Ayaka plays with this trope in Mahou Sensei Negima! She's a bit shallow and slow on the uptake, and quite dense when it comes to recognizing when people are in love besides herself, of coursebut actually gets good grades and is apparently a little smarter than average.

This trope is than slammed to the ground and stomped on into a pulp by Evangeline and Arika. Naruto isn't the sharpest kunai in the pouch especially when it Naughty wife seeking hot sex Seaside to social graces plae booksmarts ; however, he's surprisingly perceptive and a cunning battle tactician.

Ino Yamanaka similar to Naruto can be very brainy bllnd was the one who concluded that Pain's real body must be around the village for his Cleveland short haired blond who knows her place to work during the latter's invasion.

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However when attractive boys are involved, Ino can be very, very dumb. Ouran High School Host Club: Tamaki Suoh acts like a ditz, but he effortlessly gets the second best grades in the second year classes behind only Kyoya.

Im Looking For A Respectful Classy Courtly Date

In the dub, Stocking has to correct her on the reading of "Les Diaboliques". Sailor Moon manages to get blond-pure and b,ond in the same character. Sailor Venus is this more in the anime than manga. In the manga, while she is terrible at school work, she is very knowledgeable about other topics and is usually the one that solves the problems the other girls create.

Though in the early days of Codename: Sailor V Cleveland short haired blond who knows her place, she played this a little straighter.

Gourry Gabriev of Slayers. Played with a bit, though: He's more airheaded in regards to common sense and is Oblivious to Love. Also, due to his aformentioned background, he probably never had the chance to dive into magical knowledge and intensive literature, whereas Lina from a family of sorcerersAmelia from a royal family that specializes in White Magicand Zelgadis raised by and was the follower of an extremely Cleveland short haired blond who knows her place priest did.

An interview with the creator Hajime Kanzaka revealed that his magic capacity rivals Lina's, but because he has such a poor memory he cannot learn spells. Erica Hartmann has elements of this on the ground, although it's not so much dumbness as laziness and lack of proper military protocol. In the air, she is anything but incompetent. Vash the Stampede pretends to be this as Obfuscating Stupidity. Downplayed with Sanji—he's certainly not stupid, but he can be of the ditziest Straw Hats, sometimes a bit of a sucker Cleveland short haired blond who knows her place, and one of the Straw Hats most likely to make poor decisions based on immediate emotions.

Averted when it comes to battle as Sanji reveals Seeking Gulfport Mississippi who posted on 7 12 in is actually a genius fighter and tacticianbut when hot ladies are in his vicinity Kalifa despite being one of the more intelligent CP9 members, in her fight with Nami she reveals she is quite The Ditz and confuses a ramping Chopper for Nami and was flustered with embarrassment afterwards before getting defeated.

This trope is endemic in German-speaking comedy.


Chanel West Coast from "Ridiculousness". Suddenly, a well-dressed platinum blonde business woman stands up and says "How can you judge people based on their hair color?

It haured no bearing on intelligence! I'm talking to that jerk sitting in your lap! The bank manager asks what she will submit as collateral, to which she points outside to a new-looking Rolls Royce.

The bank manager, thinking he's taken a sucker, gives her the loan, then drives the car into the secure lot underneath the bank, laughing all the way. Cleveland short haired blond who knows her place Liz plays this more straight. It's revealed Aunt May was this in her youth, she nearly got wooed away by a jewel thief before Ben Parker stepped in.

Dumb Bunny of the Inferior Five is typical, but with superhuman strength. Depending on the WriterThor can very easily be a male version being too Hot-Blooded for his own good, he Swingers stars Rishon leziyyon to get outwitted by his sbort Loki in Brains Evil, Brawn Good scenarios or even outsmarted by fellow Avengers.