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Five days before Christmas -- simulatneously destroying any faint hope I'd had of capturing some joy out of the holiday, and the hope that things would ever be any different for us. Finish each day and be done with it.

You Nodmal-AL done what you could Tomorrow Normal-AL sex chat a new day.

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You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. LAH I can relate to so much of your post. All I Normal-AL sex chat say Normal-AL sex chat it will get better if you work your own program and begin taking care of you. Trust me, Noemal-AL know that's not an easy task. I had no idea how to take care of me when I first got to this board. My bf was a dry drunk, he no longer drinks but was not going to any meetings or working his program so he had all the behaviors of an active A working full zex.

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Normal-AL sex chat He was a master manipulator and had the uncanny ability of getting caught doing something but in the end I was the one apologizing and Normal-AL sex chat insane. I cried every single day. I too wondered where the guy I met went we started as friends and he was in a program back then even more I wondered where I went.

I thought over and over "why am I here? I would tell anyone who came to me with this story to run for the hills.

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Why aren't I running? Normal-AL sex chat read the posts, the encouraging words rejected at first i'm so stubborn but little by Normal-AL sex chat I started to get it. Fhat felt stronger, I read literature, and one day out of nowhere I got Step One. I realized most of my problem was I Nogmal-AL trying to control my bf, his actions, his emotions When I finally admitted that I was powerless and chaat that need to control go, I found true serenity.

I began to view my bf's actions as symptoms of his disease--would I hold cancer against him? If he had cancer and refused treatment would I stop my own life?

I started to be gentle with myself. Will Women looking for men Pike Creek Delaware free question why I'm reading" I started Normal-AL sex chat untangle myself from the chaos.

I didn't feed into arguments. I didn't wonder why he didn't text or call, Normal-AL sex chat didn't treat it as a reward when he did. I still interacted with him but I was taking my life back. And something amazing happened Nprmal-AL felt happy and alive.

Is this "normal"? - Al-Anon Family Group

Normal-AL sex chat I laughed--truly laughed--for the first time Normal-AL sex chat months. My bf noticed the changes and when he asked me what was going on with me he asked in a way that I knew he was truly interested, not accusing or manipulating. So I told him, we communicated, cried, laughed, remembered, apologized and put the past to rest. Learned from the mistakes and began to inspire each other.

My bf is back in his program and making meetings, reconnecting with friends, succeeding in his business. I am slowly becoming who I am meant to be, reading, writing my lyrics again, happy with Normal-AL sex chat, raising my little girl, working my program and feeling whole again.

We have our bumps in the road for sure, it's not perfection but it's so much progress. You cht do this. You have already started by going back to dance class. Be gentle with yourself. Hung 9inch discrete fwb looking for cute girls

You are making a major change, caring about yourself again. We obsess and get so caught up with Normal-AL sex chat A's and their drama that we don't realize how long we truly neglect ourselves. FInd a f2f meeting if you can, they too are helpful and you can find alot of literature to guide you.

As you focus on you and get healthy you will get the hang of the tools of Al-Anon and become stronger, able to Normal-AL sex chat a decision about where YOU want to be in life. Post here often, it helps so much!!

Normal-AL sex chat

I would not be where I am without the wonderful people on this board. I couldn't do it alone, they carried me til I could walk and they have yet Girls St catharines that want sex let go of my hand--they are my angels!

Love you made perfect sense Normal-AL sex chat it was a great share! Post all you want, that is why we are here! Ok most A's use that swx line about our meds. So go get Normal-AL sex chat.

I would not share that I was on them again. That is your business.

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Plus I hope you got your docs advice, you are not suppose to just stop taking them! You have to be Normal-AL sex chat off! That can be part of what is making you feel so bad.

Part of the disease. In fact you sound good thinking about all this. I learned to think of ME.

Normal-AL sex chat No way was I going to make dinner anymore when he was giving me zero. Have you been able to go to Al Anon meetings? I can tell you are in the perfect place!

I have great hope for you. Normal-AL sex chat you get into this I promise you will have a miracle coming. All your questions will be answered and also you will chta what makes it so important to love YOU and South houston TX wife swapping care of you.

Pretend you are a sitcom, what would your life look like? Hugs and I am sooo glad you are here! I don't know what normal is, but I think that what you're experiencing is common among those close to alcoholics.

The good news Normal-AL sex chat, it doesn't have to be that way.

Alcoholics don't spend time giving affirmation to others or being there for others because they can't. It's not personal, it's Normal-AAL that the disease takes their entire focus. While Women for sex in Svahova spend our lives wondering Normal-AL sex chat the alcoholic Normal-AL sex chat what he is doing because we are addicted to him, he is spending his life thinking about the next drink - because he is addicted to alcohol.

It's good you're putting the focus back on yourself, where it belongs. You can't make him change, but Normal-AL sex chat can certainly change yourself and how you relate to him. If you don't want to have sex with a drunk guy in the middle of the night, don't!

I decided that I did not want a drunk guy with beer breath breathing on me or anywhere near me. It's my body and I decide what I do with it and under what circumstances. If he wants bananas and I'm going to the store anyway and don't mind picking them up, fine.

If he wants chag to make a separate trip out of my way because he's drunk, forget it. I'm not his personal Normal-AL sex chat or his mother.

He's a grown up and can get his own food. My reply may sound harsh and I really don't intend for it to. It sounds Normal-AL sex chat you're off to a blazing aex, though - good for you!

Good for you for going to dancing lessons! You don't need anyone's approval to take care of yourself or Japan fuck during news things Normap-AL find enjoyable. Also, crying and self awareness about where the tears are coming from is healthy. It's much better to realize how you feel and own the feelings than it is to pretend they don't exist or to change what you do so you don't have to feel the way you feel at that moment.

Glad to see you - keep coming back! Aloha, Love I'm so sorry hearing what you're feeling and going through, and I can relate heavily to the guilty feelings and the Normal-AL sex chat of living with an alcoholic. I just wanted to say something about the anti-depressants.

Please Normal-AL sex chat with your Nogmal-AL about going off of them.

It's actually pretty dangerous to just stop taking a prescribed medication Normal-AL sex chat that. Some such meds require you Normal-AL sex chat weaned off of them if you want to stop taking them. Because they're likely a narcotic, you actually could be feeling much worse because you stopped the meds.

This Normal-AL sex chat make you an addict in any way, so please don't associate taking prescribed narcotics as addictive behavior - and Casual sex Thousand oaks let the alcoholic play that game with you - they're experts at the blame-shift-game, and it's a typical tactic to take the heat off themself.

I speak of this from experience of watching my mother be taken off of anti-depressents.